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Development of Reporter's Video Recorder Based ...
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Mobile phones have taken a different and sophisticated form, such that it is not only customized for calls and text messages. Portability is of a great advantage to this hand-held device which makes it easier for, reporters, citizen media, freelancers and other business sectors in providing and share detailed information. I used the concepts provided in android to prepare this prototype Android-based video recorder that would be capable of recording events, collecting the required meta- data automatically and uploading the file to the server with the availability of WLAN. The location based API, the media API, and the network API were also explained in details. PHP was used as the server side script of the application with some configurations made in the server to accept larger amounts of file at a time. The application presently supports a WLAN connection, it can be further improved to support a 3G connection. This will enhance the efficiency in the areas of coverage, faster downloading and uploading of files to the server. Also, defined rules have to be set in place on how to download videos or photos from the server.

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